Let me start introducing myself
My name is Elena
I am not the resident of your country
I located you through an agency that helps seek people by their email
The agency of acquaintances.
They told me all about you
You are blonde and have blue eyes, and very handsome
You know how to diffuse an argument before it even starts.
I am the lady with the clear soul, big heart and high spirit
I know a diet that may lead to a longer life
And a body part you never knew you had that could be making you miserable.
You know how to talk to rape survivors
And why we give cheating partners another chance.
There are ten unheard of American treasures I need to visit when I arrive
I am not going to waste time for games
So much joy and excitement awaits me in your arms
But this transaction requires devotion, trust and a down payment
Until I receive a wire transfer my dreams will squarely rest on your shoulders.